Custom Finial Options

Pinned Finial

(For solid 12" & 34" rods only.) If you would like to eliminate the external finial collar specify "Pinned Finials". The Rod end will be bored and cross drilled for set screw. Finial will have an attached pin to slip into rod end. Provides a seamless look.

Pinned finial
Pinned Finial: Baby Pineapple on 12" round rod with Versailles finish

Wood Pole Finial Adapter

Adapt any of our finials to fit a wood pole. Available for: 138", 2", 214" & 3" diameter wood poles. Specify finial and pole diameter. Finial will be welded to the adapter.

Wood Pole Finial Adapter
Wood Pole Adapter: Shown for 1-3/8" pole with Andromeda finial in the Hammered Steel finish